Harpist Amy Auset Rohn

Music from the heart to touch your soul....

An inspired musician....


 My name is Amy Auset Rohn and I have been a musician since childhood and a harpist since 2008.  I played piano as a child and when I received my harp as an adult I still remembered how to read music and play by ear.  Learning to play the harp took a few months getting used to...the different hand position and fingering...but after a year of playing written music and practicing hand exercises until my fingers were sore music began coming to me and I began composing.  Within 5 months I had written 13 songs and began recording my first CD which was completed and released the following year (2 years after my harp came in a big box off the UPS truck!)

 The compositions and experiences of those songs was something I did not expect but turned out to be a wonderful gift.  Music has been something I have been able to share with others in meditation groups, healing sessions, families and patients in hospice care, and to entertain at Mother's Day Tea Parties, Christmas parties, appreciation dinners, and other events.  I love sharing my music and hope that you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoy playing it for you!



 Why you should hire me for your event....


  • I can provide music that is appropriate for the event
  • I can read music ... but you can have something outside the box with me!
  • I come prepared
  • I am easy to work with!
  • I enjoy my music but take my appearances seriously  
Contact me ... and let's play!



Book me for your special event!!

You can book me for your special event, party, or gathering of friends and family in your home for a personal and private concert presentation.  Contact me at amyausetrohn@gmail.com to secure your date!


"Auset offers a unique and heartfelt experience for those open to receiving a spiritually guided reading and harp song that reflects each person's own name. My song, to me, feels joyous and comforting, beautiful and calm. It helps me re-appreciate aspects of myself.   I highly recommend Auset and her special gifts of service to anyone wanting to explore, grow and be blessed."

Pamela Johnson MA, LCPC, CHT Holistic Psychotherapist


"(Auset's) cd is so soothing, actually makes me feel grateful, and puts joy in my heart. (Her music seems to be) pulled from another world and flows. I can feel all (her) passion in that music. It is inspirational all the way to the soul."

Linda L., Indiana